Welcome to Leominster Photographic Club

A community of photographers of all levels and standards that enjoys a diverse programme of activities including competitions, practical and hands-on software sessions, evenings and days out on location, round-table discussions and guest speakers. First meeting of the year is at the Leominster Community Centre 10th January 7.30pm. If you have not been to the Community Centre before it can be a bit confusing with the parking. The Centre is at the back of Broad Street Car Park. They do have their on car park but you have to take the road on the right just before the car park and follow it around. If you can't find it easily you can park in Broad Street Car Park and walk through. I have just looked at the tariff and it looks like it is free after 6pm.

Practical sessions

Our practical sessions are run to cover any tips our members need when using Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Members are invited to bring in images on a pen stick and to edit them in their preferred program.

Members’ evenings

These range from a simple evening as a group chatting about photography, to discussions and demonstrations catering for specific aspects such as lighting, composition plus camera settings and tips and tricks.

Guest speakers

Our guest speakers cover a wide range of topics, from publishing to printing, setting out as a learner to becoming an accomplished amateur or professional photographer. We are always open to suggestions if you know someone who would like to talk at our club.

Exhibition at Leominster Tourist Office Corn Square Saturday 1st February until Thursday 27th February. Members will be showcasing their work for you to enjoy. Please come along and take a look at our images.

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