Print competition


Print competition

We had a really strong turn-out for last night’s competition, which was back to being a prints only entry — no digital this time. Our judge was Hereford-based artist and illustrator, Moira Grafen-Campbell, whose critiques and comments were fascinating and inspiring. We’re hoping she’ll return to judge again next year as she was a very popular choice. She’s pictured here with her winning entries from each section.

Colour ~ open

1 Tentative steps — Rob Scamp
2 On the outside, looking in — Rob Scamp
3 Lost in thought — Rob Scamp
C Surfing connections — Alvin Botting
C Inflated ego — Pete Conolly


Black and white ~ open

1 Three dancers — Cristian Brigo
2 Solitude and the seagull — Pete Conolly
3 Cabaret Route Cemetery, Souchez — Pete Conolly
C Selfish — Cristian Brigo
C Feather Light — Henry Barnett


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