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ByCatherine Joll

Competition 1st October, 2015.

Craig Preedy was our judge for tonights competition in which we had both a themed competition and an open section.  Our theme was “Stoned” and all images were in digital format via our new projector.  The winners are as follows:

Stoned : Colour:
1 Columns, pillars and arches — Catherine Joll
2 Stoned forever — Pete Conolly
3 Piled up and stoned — James Edgar
C Stoned on the rails — Laura Betts
C Leominster milestone — Nigel Mee

Stoned : Black and white:
1 Lest we forget — Pete Conolly
2 Ludlow stone — Nigel Mee
3 Cobblers — Rob Scamp
C Stoned on the beach — James Edgar
C Stone doorway — Janet Talbot

Open : Colour
1 Cuban Tody — Martin Nicholas
2 Red line — Rob Scamp
3 Snail on Centranthus Ruber — Catherine Joll
C Port Vincent Liberated — Pete Conolly
C Roxy — Janet Talbot

Open : Black and white
1 Tree lines — Rob Scamp
2 Old dog; new tricks — Pete Conolly
3 Standing the shadows of love — Rob Scamp
C Selfie — Janet Talbot
C Man in a box — Henry Barnett

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