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2019 Programme

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2018 Programme



Roundtable: 5 Minutes for 2017 Photos



Guest Speaker: Alex Thimms – Brief History of Photography



Open Digital Competition: Judge – Chris Preece



Practical Evening: Change The Image


Guest speaker: Simon Ward of Photopia 



Practical Evening: Serif Affinity with Carl Gibbs 



Open Digital Competition: Judge – Andrew Legge 



Guest speaker: Bob Landridge – A Personal Progression on Photography 



Practical Evening: Back to Basics with Graham Sharpe 



Digital Themed Competition – Texture 



Summer Outing – Hills Farm Leysters 



Guest Speaker: Chris Preece – Portraiture 

Summer Break



Roundtable: Members Showcase – 10 Photos 



Guest Speaker: Jefferson Hammond 



Digital Themed Competition – Power 



Practical Evening: Water Tank Photography

pastedGraphic_3.png 01/11/2018

Practical Evening: Editing



Open Print Competition



AGM & Photograph of the Year



Open competition 30th of March 2017

Great evening with sixty entries for this open competition in digital format.

Here the results and here the gallery. Read More


Club meeting : Thursday, 14 April 2016 ~ composition round-table

At this week’s meeting, 14 April, we are having a round-table discussion on composition and what makes a good photograph, plus tips and tricks that hopefully we can all share when it comes to putting a picture together and why some ideas work and others don’t!

We shall be bringing along a selection of books showing work by photographers from a previous era — including Robert Doisneau, Willy Ronis and Jane Bown. It might sound boring, but some of this stuff is absolutely fascinating and we hope it will lead to some interesting discussions!

If you have any books or examples you’d like to bring along, please add them to the pile. We haven’t ever held a session like this before and we’re really hoping it will be interesting and useful. And, also, bring along your cameras if you’d like to discuss settings and other bits and pieces — but, perhaps, never had anyone to ask!

We are meeting at our usual time for an 8pm start at Monkland Village Hall and we look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday. New members are welcomed!


Driving on the Edge

Our ‘Picture of the Year’, chosen by members from all the winning entries in this year’s competitions, is ‘Driving on the Edge’. Congratulations to Nigel Mee.


Print competition

We had a really strong turn-out for last night’s competition, which was back to being a prints only entry — no digital this time. Our judge was Hereford-based artist and illustrator, Moira Grafen-Campbell, whose critiques and comments were fascinating and inspiring. We’re hoping she’ll return to judge again next year as she was a very popular choice. She’s pictured here with her winning entries from each section.

Colour ~ open

1 Tentative steps — Rob Scamp
2 On the outside, looking in — Rob Scamp
3 Lost in thought — Rob Scamp
C Surfing connections — Alvin Botting
C Inflated ego — Pete Conolly


Black and white ~ open

1 Three dancers — Cristian Brigo
2 Solitude and the seagull — Pete Conolly
3 Cabaret Route Cemetery, Souchez — Pete Conolly
C Selfish — Cristian Brigo
C Feather Light — Henry Barnett


ByCatherine Joll

Competition 1st October, 2015.

Craig Preedy was our judge for tonights competition in which we had both a themed competition and an open section.  Our theme was “Stoned” and all images were in digital format via our new projector.  The winners are as follows:

Stoned : Colour:
1 Columns, pillars and arches — Catherine Joll
2 Stoned forever — Pete Conolly
3 Piled up and stoned — James Edgar
C Stoned on the rails — Laura Betts
C Leominster milestone — Nigel Mee

Stoned : Black and white:
1 Lest we forget — Pete Conolly
2 Ludlow stone — Nigel Mee
3 Cobblers — Rob Scamp
C Stoned on the beach — James Edgar
C Stone doorway — Janet Talbot

Open : Colour
1 Cuban Tody — Martin Nicholas
2 Red line — Rob Scamp
3 Snail on Centranthus Ruber — Catherine Joll
C Port Vincent Liberated — Pete Conolly
C Roxy — Janet Talbot

Open : Black and white
1 Tree lines — Rob Scamp
2 Old dog; new tricks — Pete Conolly
3 Standing the shadows of love — Rob Scamp
C Selfie — Janet Talbot
C Man in a box — Henry Barnett

Please note that the images below are the copyright of their respectful owners


Editor James Matthews-Paul speaks about the world of publishing

Our club members received a fascinating insight into the world of on-line and printed publishing, with tips and ideas about how to get photographs accepted by editors, plus a look at a typical magazine layout. Our speaker was James Matthews-Paul, publisher and editor in chief of Output Magazine (


Sophie Matthews-Paul explains file formats and much more

Last Thursday’s meeting included a short presentation on the basics of digital processing and Sophie covered file formats, pixels and resolution, colour, calibration and profiling. We had a good turn-out for the session, with some new members and, hopefully, the information presented was useful.


Open competition, now with digital entries as well as prints.

Last Thursday’s competition show a departure for the first time from our normal format with the introduction of digital entries. We knew we would have some teething problems – and we did – so it was just as well Sophie Matthews-Paul, this year’s chairman, judged the competition in the role of guinea-pig.

Her comments were: “It’s pretty clear that splitting the sections into digital and print sections has been a popular move, with a good entry of the former. Interestingly the black and white photographs were, overall, far stronger, although there were some interesting colour entries even though they didn’t quite redress the balance.

“Having judged each section, it is interesting that some of our members are now moving away from the more formulaic approach which can make their work easy to recognise even when it’s anonymous. James Edgar, whose black and white digital prints sat in first and second place, provides an excellent example of why there is no need to stick to a set processing routine as his two photographs were wildly different in type and both equally deserving of the top spot. Likewise, his digital colour entry deserved its place, although it was a tough decision about picking the overall winner from both of the colour sections.”

Results : open competition held on 5 February, 2015
Judge : Sophie Matthews-Paul

Colour ~ digital
1: “Follow la rue” by James Edgar (posted here)
2: “Blue glass” by Catherine Joll
3: “Emperor’s new clothes” by Catherine Joll
C: “I’m a flower” by Cristian Brigo
C: “Sunset at Jarnac” by Pete Conolly

Black and white ~ digital
1: “Four on the hill” by James Edgar (posted here)
2: “Calmness and serenity” by James Edgar
3: “Windows” by Catherine Joll
C: “Biking back” by Cristian Brigo
C: “Big Issue” by Pete Conolly

Colour ~ print
1: “Long Eared Owl” by Martin Nicholas
2: “Trebarmouth Strand” by Pete Conolly
3: “Porthlevan” by Pete Conolly
C: “Hobby” by Martin Nicholas
C: “Rocket to heaven” by Catherine Joll

Black and white ~ print
1: “Cotton Reels” by Catherine Joll
2: “Boozy boat and buildings” by Catherine Joll

Overall winners ~ digital vs print
Colour: “Follow la rue” by James Edgar
Black and white: “Four on the hill” by James Edgar