Open competition, now with digital entries as well as prints.


Open competition, now with digital entries as well as prints.

Last Thursday’s competition show a departure for the first time from our normal format with the introduction of digital entries. We knew we would have some teething problems – and we did – so it was just as well Sophie Matthews-Paul, this year’s chairman, judged the competition in the role of guinea-pig.

Her comments were: “It’s pretty clear that splitting the sections into digital and print sections has been a popular move, with a good entry of the former. Interestingly the black and white photographs were, overall, far stronger, although there were some interesting colour entries even though they didn’t quite redress the balance.

“Having judged each section, it is interesting that some of our members are now moving away from the more formulaic approach which can make their work easy to recognise even when it’s anonymous. James Edgar, whose black and white digital prints sat in first and second place, provides an excellent example of why there is no need to stick to a set processing routine as his two photographs were wildly different in type and both equally deserving of the top spot. Likewise, his digital colour entry deserved its place, although it was a tough decision about picking the overall winner from both of the colour sections.”

Results : open competition held on 5 February, 2015
Judge : Sophie Matthews-Paul

Colour ~ digital
1: “Follow la rue” by James Edgar (posted here)
2: “Blue glass” by Catherine Joll
3: “Emperor’s new clothes” by Catherine Joll
C: “I’m a flower” by Cristian Brigo
C: “Sunset at Jarnac” by Pete Conolly

Black and white ~ digital
1: “Four on the hill” by James Edgar (posted here)
2: “Calmness and serenity” by James Edgar
3: “Windows” by Catherine Joll
C: “Biking back” by Cristian Brigo
C: “Big Issue” by Pete Conolly

Colour ~ print
1: “Long Eared Owl” by Martin Nicholas
2: “Trebarmouth Strand” by Pete Conolly
3: “Porthlevan” by Pete Conolly
C: “Hobby” by Martin Nicholas
C: “Rocket to heaven” by Catherine Joll

Black and white ~ print
1: “Cotton Reels” by Catherine Joll
2: “Boozy boat and buildings” by Catherine Joll

Overall winners ~ digital vs print
Colour: “Follow la rue” by James Edgar
Black and white: “Four on the hill” by James Edgar

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