An Assortment of delights.

An assortment of delights
An assortment of delights
an assortment of delights
Sculpture at Monkey World
Heat in the kitchen
Cider apples
The River Teme
Water landscape
Pick or Mix
BSA "Gold Star"
River Teme Ludlow
No plants for sale today
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An assortment of delights this week from Leominster Photographic Club members. All these images have been posted on the members only Facebook page. Rich is the photographer responsible for “Heat in the Kitchen” and “Pick or Mix. Whilst Colette photographed The River Teme and enjoyed some wild swimming. Steve F is highlighting his interests with the BSA Gold Star and Cider Apples. He also took the shot of the Sculpture at Monkey World which commenorates its founder Jim Cronin. And there are two landscapes from David C this week from his holiday around Tavistock. Altogether an assortment of delights.

Anybody can be a great photographer if they zoom in enough on what they love”

David Bailey