Street Photography 15 October 2020

A digital competitions held by Zoom based on Street Photography, people, places and anything else spotted when out and about with a camera. The judge was Richard Shakespeare, who is a Leominster based photographer. There was a good entry. Also members showed great ingenuity regarding the subject.

Street Photography
1st Colour New Rules Steve B
2nd Colour A Slow Day Jane
3rd Equal Colour Market Square Reflection Elaine
Street Photography
3rd Equal Better Off The Street – Heather
Street Photography
!st Monochrome Potting Problems Pete
Street Photography
2nd Monochrome Change of Direction Graham
3rd Equal Monochrome He Spotted Me – Steve F
3rd Equal Concentration – Nigel

“A  street photographer wanders and responds spontaneously to what he or she finds, rather than consciously searching for specific things, letting the world—and one’s unconscious—lead one where it will. This initial approach or attitude makes street photography different from more directed photojournalism, in which there is a conscious effort to find a ‘story’—and also makes street photography different from more conceptual photography, in which there is often a preconceived agenda.”

Alex Webb